Special Session on Advances in Algebraic Statistics

AMS 2010 Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting Lexington, KY, March 27th-28th, 2010.

Algebraic Statistics is the field focused on the applications of algebraic geometry and its computational tools in the study of statistical models. Areas of interest include categorial data analysis, experimental design, graphical models, maximum likelihood estimation, and Bayesian methods. Also recent work shows that we can apply theory in algebraic statistics to developing algorithms for problems in biology and also problems in computational biology enhance research in algebraic statistics. This session is meant to provide another meeting point for students and leaders in the field, continuing the tradition of focused meetings we have had in recent years.


Sonja Petrovic, University of Illinois, Chicago

Ruriko Yoshida, University of Kentucky

Abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission is January 26, 2010 (DATE CHANGED). LINK


CB204 University of Kentucky Lexington KY


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Events and extra information

Registration at Registration will start at 7:30am on Saturday March 27th outside room CB118.

Reception Saturday March 27th (6:15-7:45pm) at the King Alumni House

Welcome party at Yoshida's house at 7pm on March 26th Friday

Slides of talks

Slides of all talks (Coming up on Thurs April 1st 2010)

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